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Innovation management and startup consulting

Do you have a great idea?


Are you sure it's a good idea, and it truly is what your future customers need? 

It is not easy question to answer, because you need to understand the market, observe people's reactions and behaviour, form your position and only then formulate your idea. After checking all of this, there is still plenty to do before entering the market, but we can certainly guide you through.



Design thinking


Design thinking and iterative development can provide certainty for the development of new products or services on a highly uncertain market. Design thinking helps us to more accurately determine the direction of development and to more easily adjust our path to produce a successful prototype. 


Lean startup


A startup is defined as any business that seeks to bring a new product or service to market in an environment of extreme uncertainty. This could be true for any new business today. If the idea is good, then we can start developing it, which we have to measure and analyse continuously, and then incorporate the results into the development process.


Business model design

Even the most careful development is useless if you don't exactly know what your value proposition is, how to keep your customers and how to maximise your revenue. Pricing, value innovation, value proposition, cost structuring and passive income. Not just buzzwords, but key planning points

Consulting and
mentoring projects

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