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Privacy Statement


This data protection declaration (Declaration) contains the rules for handling personal data within the framework of the pages and services (collectively: Service) operated by Kerko-Média Kft. (hereinafter: Operator) and available under the domain name , as well as information on data management. The technical background of the Service and the operation of the software installed on the servers are carried out by you.


By starting to use the Service, users accept the terms of this Statement. This privacy statement is continuously available on the homepage of the Service.


1. Person of data controller

Regarding the personal data managed in connection with the Service, the Operator is the data controller and does not use a data processor. Only the Operator and its employees/subcontractors can see the personal data managed by the Operator. Data relating to users of the Service is stored on the Operator's own server.


2. Information on data management

2.1 Registration and related data management

The use of the Service is to some extent (however not fully) possible without registration, i.e. without providing personal identification data, however, the use of some of the services available on the Service is subject to registration and thus the provision of personal data. During registration, the Operator clearly indicates the mandatory and optional data to be provided. Mandatory data are required for the safe and legal provision and use of the service. The mandatory data are primarily the following:


I. username,
II. password and
III. e-mail address.


The user can of course make a decision not to provide certain data, but this may result in the user not being able to use certain services. Data provision is therefore voluntary in relation to registration, and the legal basis for data management is the prior consent of the data subject.


Even when the Service is used without registration, the Operator records certain data related to users, sometimes classified as personal data, as described in point 2.2 of this Statement.


The duration of the processing of personal data generated in connection with registration extends to the duration of the legal relationship with the given user, after which period the data provided by the user concerned will be deleted.


2.2 Management of website visitation data

Certain data and IP addresses of the Service's user computers are logged in order to generate website visitation data and ensure the proper operation of the Service. This data is considered personal data in certain cases. Statistics are compiled from the log files and the log files are stored on the Operator's server for a maximum of one year. The Operator does not link users' IP addresses to any other data that could be used to identify the user.


3. Purpose of data management

The purpose of data processing by the Operator in connection with the Service:

- efficient provision of the Service

- identification of registered users,

- settlement of disputes arising in connection with the use of the Service,

- providing information to registered users about the operation of the Service (for example, technical messages, information about changes to the Service, etc.),

- elimination of operational problems,

- direct business acquisition. The latter is exclusively provided by the Operator

- on the basis of consent to data processing for the purpose, during its duration,

- or until the consent is withdrawn.


4. Data transfers, data management by third parties

In the absence of an express legal provision, the Operator only transfers personal identification data to third parties with the express consent of the user. The same is true for data managed by the Operator using data files. Individual personal data may be disclosed to third parties in the following cases:


I. The username of registered users is public data, so it is accessible to anyone. Anyone can look up the activities of registered users within the framework of the Service based on their username. Conclusions that are considered personal data can be drawn from it, and it is also possible that the user reveals his or her own identity, enabling personal identification. Users can also make their e-mail address and other data available on the website. The disclosure of such data is done solely on the basis of the user's own decision, and therefore it is considered a voluntary disclosure of personal data. In the case of such disclosure, users should be aware that the disclosed data may be misused by anyone. The Operator cannot prevent this.


II. The Operator is entitled to send or publish notices or announcements regarding suspicious or illegal activities detected within the scope of the Service, even using the data of individual users.


III. Certain parts of the Service (e.g. display of advertisements, creation of attendance statistics) may be carried out by the Operator's contractual partners (subcontractors) as appropriate. In such cases, some user data may be transferred to such contractual partners. In addition, such a contractual partner is bound by an obligation of confidentiality. These contractual partners may, in accordance with the principle of voluntariness, collect user data on their own rights and for their own purposes only with the consent of individual users, in accordance with the law and in the data protection declaration of the given person or company in accordance with the provisions.


ARC. The Operator cooperates with the bodies with investigative powers and the courts in order to detect and sanction legal violations committed within the framework of the Service (e.g. fraud, violation of rights related to intellectual works), and fulfills data requests based on legal provisions.


5. Data security

Although the Operator implements security measures in accordance with industry standards to ensure this, it does not guarantee that users' personal data related to their activities within the Service or displayed within the Service will be handled exclusively in the ways specified in this privacy statement. Third parties, or even other users, may be able to illegally intercept or spy on messages or data protected by legal provisions protecting data protection and privacy rights. In addition, the user may also provide his personal data to third parties, who may use it for illegal purposes or in a way.


Users are solely responsible for the use of their personal ID and password, including all activities related to the use of the ID and password. For this reason, it is recommended to keep the fact that such an identifier is connected to a user and the password associated with the user name secret. If the user nevertheless discloses this data to a third party, as a result, he may lose the possibility of disposing of the data managed by the Operator within the framework of the Service.


6. Final provisions

6.1 Exercise of rights, legal remedy

Information Users are entitled to request information about the management and use of their personal data at the e-mail address kesu{kucac} kerkomedia {dot} hu.


The registered user can request the termination of his account or the deletion of his data in writing, sent to the following e-mail address: kesu {kucac} kerkomedia {dot} hu.


Legal remedy

A user who feels that the Operator has violated his right to the protection of his personal data can assert his claim before a civil court or ask for the help of the data protection commissioner. The detailed legal provisions regarding this, as well as the obligations of the data controller, can be found in Act LXIII of 1992 on the protection of personal data and the disclosure of data of public interest. contained in the law.


6.2 Liability

The Operator disclaims all liability for information stored, made available or published and sent by users within the framework of the Service.


If the Operator becomes aware that the user provides the personal data of another person while using the Service in a manner that violates the rights of a third party or the law, or uses personal or other data publicly available within the Service or illegally obtained in a manner that violates the rights of third parties or the law or otherwise violated the provisions contained in this data protection declaration or caused damage during the use of the Service, the Operator will take the necessary steps to compensate for the damage or to hold him/her liable through legal means.


6.3 Modification

The Operator reserves the right to amend this privacy statement. In the event of a change, the Operator makes the amended statement available on the Service's home page.

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