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When the competition is tough...

Intellectual asset management

Audit of the knowledge within the company. Discovery, identification and documentation of intangible assets. Determination of acquisition value.  Portfolio development of intellectual property assets. Strategic and asset management advice. 


Even the steps before the birth of an idea make a difference when starting a new venture or business. 
Design thinking processes, lean startup and lean scale-up methods. Technology transfer preparation.


Business communication

To be successful, you need to stand out from the crowd, be heard and seen, both online and in the real world. Developing communication strategies, creating online content (websites, photos and videos), media agency tasks. 




Why with us?

... because,  we help businesses that want to grow their assets, get the most out of developments, recoup development and management costs and enter new markets.


... because we effectively guide start-ups who are working on developing a new product or service at home or abroad. We reduce risk, stress and help you get off to a confident start by design thinking, lean startup management and business model development.


... because we successfully assist others to understand the values they offer to their consumers and customers. We can provide the knowledge, practice and tools for this vital communication.

... because our more than thirty years of business experience have led us on a journey to put our knowledge at the service of businesses. 

... because we observe and understand our customers' problems. Thorugh  continuous cooperation, we find and implement solutions.


Thanks, we return to you soon

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